IntelliJ, a beautiful IDE

I’ve recently discovered IntelliJ Idea (thanks to Julien), the most powerful IDE I’ve ever seen.

IntelliJ can manage completion and syntaxical coloration inside strings representing jpql, aop pointcut, regex. Ant & Maven are natively supported and CVS/SVN/GIT too, and many other things …

I can speak about this IDE and its benefits but I would like to speak about IDETalk, a feature of IntelliJ which allows connection to jabber networks. Now, I can chat with my google talk account through IDETalk, directly from my favorite Java IDE …

To configure your google account on IntelliJ :
1/ Click on the IDETalk button at the right
IDETalk logo

2/ Click on add account and configure your google account
IDETalk account configuration

3/ You can now chat with your contacts šŸ˜‰
IDETalk contact list

Some persons can find this feature to be useless but I found that to be very fun.

Thanks JetBrains, thanks Julien šŸ˜‰


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